New Zealand: The Charm of Christchurch

I feel a legitimate excuse for me not having visited New Zealand sooner, despite hearing consistently good things about it, is how ridiculously far away it is from anything. Even from Hong Kong, it was a 12 hour flight to Auckland, followed by another hour to get me to Christchurch on the South Island. ItContinue reading “New Zealand: The Charm of Christchurch”

United Kingdom: Hey Dune

It’s becoming increasingly likely that 2020 will be the year of the staycation. Whilst some countries are beginning to lay out plans for a gradual reopening following the peak of COVID-19, international travel is going to be one of the last things to return to normal. That can be a bit of a depressing thought,Continue reading “United Kingdom: Hey Dune”

Istanbul: Frolicking in the Forest

One of the main draws of Istanbul is its charismatic chaos – just crossing the road can be an adventure and there’s always some sort of sight, sound or smell to scintillate the senses. However, especially if you’re staying in the city for a while, it’s sometimes necessary to escape that madness. Luckily, it’s alsoContinue reading “Istanbul: Frolicking in the Forest”

Canada: Chilling in Vancouver

After enjoying the tropical Caribbean weather for two months, it was quite a shock to the system to touch down in Vancouver in January at around 11 at night. I had stocked up on warm clothes in Mexico but it was definitely very bracing – Vancouver was cold. My opinion on it would vary. SometimesContinue reading “Canada: Chilling in Vancouver”

Petra: Before the Flood

I’d call Petra Jordan’s main draw but this country has so many that it’s difficult to label even Petra as the definitive sight. It’s certainly a top destination though – a fantastically preserved ancient city, a Wonder of the World and filming location for Indiana Jones (though due to my awful film knowledge I hadContinue reading “Petra: Before the Flood”

Wadi Rum: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

4 and a half years ago I had a long stopover in Amman, the capital of Jordan, but wasn’t allowed to leave the airport hotel without a visa. It was from this point that I became a little bit obsessed with returning to Jordan and exploring it properly. Now, finally, I got my chance. JordanContinue reading “Wadi Rum: A Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Greece: One Week in Athens

With my 7 week Eastern European jaunt coming to an end, I decided to finish off with a week lazing about in an Airbnb in the Greek capital of Athens. From Meteora, it’s very easy to get to Athens via train or bus, though the train is cheaper, more comfortable and just generally better becauseContinue reading “Greece: One Week in Athens”

Greece: Heavenly Meteora

I loved my time in Albania but it was time to move south into my final European destination on this trip – Greece. There isn’t a whole load of reliable information on how to get to Greece from Albania and, specifically, Gjirokaster but buses do run. Athens is the most well-advertised destination from Gjirokaster, costingContinue reading “Greece: Heavenly Meteora”

Albania: Hiking Valbona – Theth

Completely unbeknownst to me when I decided Albania would be one of the stops on my Balkans trip, this gem of a country is home to a series of incredible national parks with breathtaking scenery. Who knew? Naturally, as soon as I did find out, I did some digging and made a beeline straight forContinue reading “Albania: Hiking Valbona – Theth”