Mandalay: A Mexican’s Favourite City

My super luxurious JJ Express bus from Nyaungshwe, complete with complimentary water, blanket and dinner (14,000 kyat from Odyssey Travel) pulled into Mandalay’s bus station two hours earlier than expected which meant I arrived on the outskirts of Mandalay at 3am. A horde of motorcycle taxi drivers were waiting for me (though, unlike in other… Read More Mandalay: A Mexican’s Favourite City

Philippines: White Christmas at Alaminos

After the stress of missing my Boracay ferry and being stranded in Batangas at 1am, coupled with the really gutting feeling that I wouldn’t be visiting the one place I’d revolved my whole Philippines trip around, I needed a good Christmas. To be honest, I’d have settled for spending Christmas anywhere other than Manila, so… Read More Philippines: White Christmas at Alaminos