China: Shanghigh

Thank goodness Shanghai is such an incredible city because it was one hell of a pain to get there. In theory, it should have been easy. A 3 hour direct flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong, the city’s biggest airport, from where I could easily get the metro or a bus to the city’sContinue reading “China: Shanghigh”

Flores: Here Be Dragons

Labuan Bajo is a town completely geared to one thing – Komodo. Sitting in between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa, Komodo National Park is famed for its scenic islands, beautiful marine life and, of course, the iconic komodo dragons that make their home here. The only realistic way to explore this national park isContinue reading “Flores: Here Be Dragons”

Flores: Country Life

Not keen to leave the hills just yet (or suffer an 8+ hour bus ride to Labuan Bajo) I decided to stop off in Ruteng after leaving Bajawa. My guesthouse was able to arrange a bus though it involved being picked up at 6.30am to then sit on a stationery bus for an hour andContinue reading “Flores: Country Life”

Flores: Beginning of the Ende

It was another scenic 2 hour drive from Moni to the city of Ende and this time I lucked out with a mostly empty bus, making the twisty-turny journey much more bearable. The ride costed 50,000 IDR. I was also lucky in that before we reached the city proper, I spotted my hostel and soContinue reading “Flores: Beginning of the Ende”

Flores: A Craterscape

It was easy enough to jump on an overly-crowded bus towards Moni and beyond from the road just outside Ricky’s place, costing 30,000 IDR for the 90 minute or so journey up into the hills. It was at this point I realised everything everyone had told me about Flores’ roads was true. Just this relativelyContinue reading “Flores: A Craterscape”

Flores: Livin’ La Vida Koka

It was already time to bid farewell to Bali as I excitedly boarded my plane to Flores, a few islands east. My excitement was heightened by the fact I was taking my first ever propeller plane flight, with a teeny tiny plane making the 2 hour hop to Maumere to the east of Flores. DescribedContinue reading “Flores: Livin’ La Vida Koka”

Indonesia: In With the Nusa…

I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that a flight from Brisbane to Bali took 6 hours, due to how vast Australia is, but I genuinely did think it would just be a quick hop up to Indonesia. Luckily the flight was fine. It was early so I kipped in Brisbane airport beforehand –Continue reading “Indonesia: In With the Nusa…”

Yunnan: Chilling in Dali

It was very easy to get a bus from Lijiang’s new bus station over to Dali, particularly since the bus station was literally 2 minutes down the road from Mama Naxi’s Guesthouse. I went to the ticket booth window and was able to grab a ticket for the next bus – they leave every halfContinue reading “Yunnan: Chilling in Dali”

Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 2

I awoke on Boxing Day after a lush sleep at Halfway Guesthouse along Tiger Leaping Gorge. I didn’t have chance to mention my accommodation in the other post. Halfway has mixed reviews but I’d highly recommend it – I had a great stay here. A dorm room costs just ¥40 a night (with the mostContinue reading “Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 2”